Eric the Midget’s New ‘Girlfriend’

October 23, 2007

Eric the Midget called in, but when Howard picked up, he complained that Howard left him on hold too long. Eric had called in with his new girlfriend, but she hung up after being on hold for over an hour. Howard said he couldn’t drop everything whenever Eric called in and begrudgingly asked Eric about the girl. Eric revealed that the girl’s name was Christine, and Johnny Fratto had arranged for the two of them to have dinner.

Howard said he was disappointed to learn that Christine wasn’t really Eric’s girlfriend – just a chick he’d met online, who was supposedly going on a date with him. Howard said he’d like to talk to them both tomorrow, but Eric insisted that Howard would have to get a hold of Christine through Johnny Fratto, because he and Johnny didn’t want the show to have her number. Howard warned Eric that he was being used, but Eric didn’t think so.