Nick Manning’s Loads of Success

October 25, 2007
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Porn star Nick Manning visited the studio. Robin thought Nick’s equipment was not necessarily his best selling point, so Howard asked Nick if he was as angry in bed in real life as he was on film. Nick claimed he was much more gentle in his “real” sex life, noting that he was much more romantic in his personal life, as he doesn’t get to enjoy romance on set. Nick then reported that he was writing a book, working on a reality show for HBO, and had a Master’s degree from Loyola University.

Nick claimed he shaved off all his hair once a week with a Mach 3 razor, including his ass crack. Howard asked Nick about his real estate holdings, so Nick explained that he had five homes in California – each worth around a million dollars – and rents out four of them. Nick revealed that he’s banged celebrities, but they were usually “clients”: women who pay him as much as $6,000 to spend the night.

Nick said the most recent “client” was a very famous designer, but the most famous ever was an established film star. Nick would only say the film star was a widow, in her 40s, and “real hot.” Nick met her at a hotel on a Caribbean Island and they stayed together for three or four days. Howard guessed at the identity of the woman, but failed; Nick denied that the woman was Katie Couric, Candace Bergen, Cher, or Joan Rivers.

Howard asked Nick about the Catholic school he attended as a boy, and Nick revealed that his mom used to teach at the school. After Nick became a porn star, his mom was fired and his picture was removed from the school’s wall of fame. Nick also told the crew about his troubles with his office’s landlord, who has a problem with Nick’s “adult” business. Robin then asked what Nick’s “client” schedule looked like, so Nick reported that Friday night was wide open. Instead of a private date, Robin invited Nick out with her and some friends, telling him not to assume that they’re having sex. Nick suggested that Robin and all of her friends head back to his hotel at the end of the night, but Robin claimed it would never happen. Nick then revealed he had an orgy on the Fourth of July that ended with Britney Starr swallowing his load. Howard laughed that Artie made out with Britney after she swallowed Nick’s load, but Artie wasn’t amused…and swore enough time had passed for there not to be any of Nick’s residue left.