Robin’s Date With Nick Manning

October 29, 2007
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard asked Robin how her date with Nick Manning went on Friday, so Robin told the crew about all her dinner companions; Lisa G, another Lisa, Anne-Marie, a few married guys Anne-Marie knew…and Nick Manning. Robin was the last to arrive, and she said Nick Manning looked “perfect” in a shirt and slacks. Robin said Nick looked cute and never left her side, walking her to the restroom, holding her coat, and acted like a “perfect gentlemen.” Robin noted that Nick was “really smart” and held court on everything from “anal sex to the Iliad.” Howard asked if they hung out after dinner, so Robin confessed that they all went dancing at a club called Gold later. Robin claimed she never thought about having sex with Nick, though he called her later to ask if she’d used the Nick Manning dildo he gave her while thinking about him. Robin then said Nick was a nice guy – but ultimately he was still a porn star.