An Introvert Takes Nude Photos?

November 1, 2007
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Shuli came in to tell the crew that when he worked at in a photo shop in Vegas, he once developed a whole film roll of film in which Slash was naked, saying “there was nudity, but no penetration.” Slash said he remembered the girl who took the photos and noted that some of her pictures were actually in his new book. Shuli said he made doubles of the roll and put them in the photo shop’s book of naked pictures. Artie asked Slash which of the two made him more “out of control,” coke or heroin. Slash said “definitely” coke, although he usually only used coke as part of a speedball (a combination of coke and heroin). Slash told the crew about hanging out with Sam Kinison and watching him do lines of coke “the size of this table” in “one shoot.” Artie and Slash then bonded over the lure heroin poses to people with an “introverted” nature.