Artie’s Audition (and Doctor’s Appointment)

November 7, 2007
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Artie claimed he used to be “so great” at auditions, but ever since he lost the part of Bob Zmuda in “Man on the Moon” to Paul Giamatti, he’s sucked at them. On Tuesday, he went to audition for a part in “Traveling,” and further stacked the deck against himself by not looking at the script until he was in the waiting room. When he got home, Artie started vomiting, so he called his doctor and set up an emergency appointment. Artie went in yesterday and got a 4-hour physical, submitting to every test that didn’t require fasting beforehand. Robin asked why Artie called Howard to discuss “Dancing with the Stars” on Tuesday night if he was sick, so Artie explained that while he’d already thrown up a couple times, he hadn’t set up his doctor’s appointment yet. Artie then said he might fly Jillian Grace to New York and set her up in a condo for a month so she can train him.