Lisa G & Robin’s Thong Underwear

November 7, 2007
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Lisa G came in with the morning’s headlines and remarked that Robin looked great today. Howard said he could see Robin’s red thong in a picture on, which led him to think that, unlike Lisa G, who thinks wearing clothes that allow people to see your thong was “slutty,” Robin must be a thong exhibitionist. Robin laughed that she didn’t know her underwear was peeking out and demanded that pictures of her not be put up on the Website. Ronnie came in to say that he saw Lisa G’s black-and-white thong the other day, so Lisa clarified that she was actually wearing a leopard-print thong. Howard was surprised that Lisa was wearing a thong, but Lisa explained that thongs were very comfortable. Howard thought that leopard-print meant “I’m ready” for sex, but both Lisa and Robin laughed it off.