Amy Fisher’s Dirty ‘Twahk’

November 8, 2007
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard started the show saying he had just seen some of the Amy Fisher sex tape and was grossed out by it, adding that Amy has a weird belly tattoo but a pretty good body. Howard and Robin sarcastically laughed that Amy must be real upset that the tape’s been released, as it’s being sold at Howard remarked that he was disgusted by the tape’s dirty talk, so Artie joked that the guy in the tape should add “I want you to shoot my wife” to his dirty talk repertoire. Artie loved how Amy’s Long Island accent sounded like Andrew Dice Clay, so he began repeating Amy’s “dirty talk” while doing his Dice impression. Artie claimed that the clips made him never want to have sex again, leading Howard to note that the “Bodies” exhibit made better foreplay.