Kirk Returns

November 8, 2007
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

William Shatner called in to promote a complimentary Vegas vacation package, and Howard complained that Bill hadn’t done the show since the move to Sirius. Bill said he needed Howard now more than ever, as he’s upset with J.J. Abrams’ decision not to cast him in the new Star Trek film. After complaining that Leonard Nimoy was cast, Bill claimed to have never heard of George Takei. Howard asked Bill about his divorce, so Bill explained that he ended up handing over a lot of money to his ex-wife. As Bill launched into his plugs, Howard told him (in a reference to the infamous clip of Bill reading ad copy Howard had played earlier in the show) to repeat them with more enthusiasm. Howard wondered when Bill was going to retire, but Bill shot back that – like Howard – he’d never retire.