Cancer Warning: The Dangers of Anal Bleaching

Richard Christy considers backing out of stunt after learning some disturbing news

November 28, 2007
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Richard Christy came in to say he was rethinking his involvement in a bit which called for him to bleach his asshole, as the process has been linked to cancer.

Richard noted that he’d probably only bleach his asshole the one time, so he wasn’t really at risk of getting cancer. Enrique, the guy from The Chelsea Spa who will be doing the bleaching, called in to say he wouldn’t be using the chemical that’s been identified as a carcinogen – just a strong concoction of fruit acids.

Enrique went on to explain that the process doesn’t hurt, though it “tingles” a little, and promised to work around any hemorrhoids Richard might be sporting at the time, so Richard consented. Howard asked Enrique if he was gay, and Enrique replied, “very.” Enrique then told Howard that a lot of men come in to have their penises bleached, leading the crew to suggest John the Stutterer and Eddie the Produce guy as possible penis-bleaching candidates.