Lee Majors Looks Back

December 12, 2007

Following in the footsteps of Butch Patrick and William Shatner, Howard got Lee Majors on the phone to promote Tahiti Village, and Lee said he admired Howard for taking a risk with satellite radio. Howard asked Lee why he was promoting a Las Vegas vacation package, so Lee confessed that he’d made a lot of money in television but not enough. Lee also told the crew about meeting Farrah Fawcett, leading Howard to admonish Lee for leaving Farrah in the care of his friend Ryan O’Neil while he was away on location.

Gary noted that Lee had Farrah’s “Charlie’s Angels” contract amended to allow her to be home every night at 6pm so she could make him dinner, but Lee clarified that he just didn’t want the show’s producers to take advantage of the hours Farrah was willing to put in. Howard wondered if Lee still talked to Farrah, and he revealed that he’s been visiting her as she battles cancer.