Howard Jokes ‘Cat’s in the Cradle’ Is He and His Father’s Happy Song

King of All Media talks about his great relationship with his dad

January 10, 2008

Robin asked Howard if he’d treat his (“theoretical”) son any differently than his father treated him, and Howard said yes, noting that it’s his kids who don’t want to hang out with him (and not, like in his youth, the other way around).

Howard’s father, Ben, called in to defend himself, saying he took Howard fishing, to the theater, and to see a ventriloquist. Howard admitted that he remembered the outings, but he couldn’t recall a time when Ben came into his room to ask how he was doing.

Howard asked his father if they had ever had dinner alone, and Ben conceded that it’s never happened. Howard joked that Harry Chapin’s “Cat’s in the Cradle” is their relationship’s “happy song” and wondered if his father was upset about anything. Ben said he was fine, and Howard agreed, saying they have a great relationship, which led Robin to note that it was probably their open on-air discussions of Howard’s youth that had strengthened it.