Heath Ledger is Dead

January 23, 2008

Howard started the show taking a call from a guy who was already sick of the news coverage of Heath Ledger’s death. Howard agreed, saying he’d heard all he needed to after watching for ten minutes. Robin joked that the news messed up by not getting a statement from the “widow,” Jake Gyllenhaal. Howard also tried to look on the bright side, noting that with one less good-looking guy in the world, J.D. had moved up a notch.

An emailer asked if Howard felt bad for discussing the brush-off he got from Heath and his then-wife, Michelle Williams, so Howard shot back that he was just saying hi to someone who had been on his show. Howard revealed that Heath called him to apologize after he had discussed the incident on the air. Howard then said he felt bad that Heath wouldn’t get to see his daughter grow up.