Junior Seau’s Smart Move

January 28, 2008

Howard got Junior Seau of the New England Patriots on the line and asked him if Tom Brady’s “boot” was a decoy, but Junior cryptically replied that anything Tom wears would be a topic of discussion. Howard wondered if this was Junior’s last year in the pros, as he’s already “retired” once, but Junior didn’t think so. Howard then wanted to know if there was anything wrong with Tom Brady, so Junior “revealed” Tom’s problem: he never stops working.

Junior told Howard he was in awe of Howard’s power and influence, and Howard, in turn, wished Junior luck in the Superbowl. A caller talked about Junior’s wild Cinco de Mayo parties, which led Junior to laugh that relaxing and having fun was important. Another caller compared Babe Ruth leaving the Yankees to Junior’s move to the Patriots, but Junior couldn’t agree, citing what a great opportunity it was for him to play for New England.