Lisa’s Lips

January 31, 2008

Lisa Rinna called in to discuss her red carpet interview skills, so Howard decided to dispense some advice. Howard first tried to get to the bottom of Lisa’s lips, asking her to swear that she’s never had a lip “procedure.” Lisa tried to avoid the question, but her language gave away that she’s most likely had some work done. Howard told her to “tone [her lips] down” and played some clips from Lisa’s abrasive red carpet interviews at the SAG awards.

Howard instructed Lisa to slow (and turn the volume) down when she’s talking and take the time to introduce each of the interviewees. Lisa suggested that Howard counsel her before her next gig, but Howard countered that it’d be better if he hosted with her, as he’d get things under control. Howard then comforted Lisa, noting that he frequently pleasured himself to her image, and told her she was hot – but needs to work on her interview game…and her lips.