Robin Quivers Answers Questions on Her Relationship with Jim Florentine

Stern Show couple also has a new nickname: Quiver-Tine

January 31, 2008
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Steve Langford reported that the Web page Jim Florentine’s talent agency uses to promote him now exploits his relationship with Robin, referring to the couple as “Quiver-tine.” Howard asked Robin what she thought, but Robin claimed not to know anything about it. Yucko remarked that he smelled something fishy, “and it’s not Robin’s ____” – but he and Artie agreed that Jim was probably not complicit in the faux pas. Howard asked Robin if she would break up with Jim if he was behind it, and Robin said yes. Howard then played a clip of Robin flirting with HowardTV cameraman Gregg Karmel, last week, so Gregg came in to say he was open to dating Robin. Adding that, as a “huge Jim fan,” he was a little hesitant. Artie also had a proposal for Robin: accompany him to Vegas this weekend. Robin then made a “hmm” sound to indicate she was weighing her options.