Pete Burns Has a ‘Big Ol’ Huge One’

March 11, 2008

Howard got Pete Burns (formerly of Dead or Alive) on the phone to discuss his transformation from man to woman, but Pete claimed Howard was being “ridiculous.” Robin asked Pete if he’d had “the operation,” but Pete denied it; “Absolutely not. Why would I want one?” Howard wondered if that meant Pete still had a penis, so Pete bragged; “A big ol’ huge one.” Pete explained that he wasn’t “sitting” with labels like gay, straight, man, or woman.

Howard asked about Pete’s recent marriage, so Pete revealed that he had a “husband” and by-proxy, a 10-year-old daughter. Pete also told the crew about the complications he suffered after lip surgery, claiming that the infection hindered his singing career for several years; “Be aware that there’s always a price to pay.” Pete added that Botox never did him any harm, but everyone should beware of unqualified surgeons.