Motive and Opportunity

March 12, 2008

Howard started off the show explaining how Governor Spitzer got the attention of the FBI; your bank notifies the authorities if you withdraw large (or just unusual) amounts of cash. Artie noted that Spitzer’s “unsafe” requests were really unusual – even a desperate comedian knows not to bareback a prostitute. Howard laughed that Spitzer even volunteered to testify in D.C. the day after the rendezvous; “All a married guy needs is an excuse to get a hotel room.”

Howard noted that David A. Paterson, Spitzer’s Lieutenant Governor, once sponsored a bill which mandated that police “shoot to harm” instead of “shoot to kill.” Howard listed a bunch of David’s other pet causes, leading Robin to laugh that they were all sins in the eyes of the Catholic church. Robin then said she had little sympathy for Silda Spitzer, as she’s was tired of seeing politicians’ wives willingly stand next to their husbands after they get caught with their “hands in the cookie jar.”