Artie Confronts Teddy Over Money

April 10, 2008

Coming out of the break, Howard asked Artie why he was yelling at Teddy in the hall. Artie explained that Teddy always has to ask him for his passport and credit card information when he should have had it on file from the first time he gave it to him. Teddy came in to defend himself, but Artie blew up when he tried to speak.

Gary came in to report that Teddy recently left three copies of Artie’s passport in the copy machine. Artie began listing other problems he had with Teddy, including the money he’d loaned him over the years. Teddy shot back that Artie promised him a producer credit, but that never materialized. Irritated, Artie revealed how much he was paying Teddy, which he thought was sufficient remuneration for a part-time job. Teddy took issue with Artie’s claim, replying that it was more like a full-time job that he had to squeeze into part-time hours.

Artie said he’d love to fire Teddy, but he felt bad for him. Teddy said the situation was really quite different: he’s tried to quit numerous times but Artie wouldn’t let him. Artie and Teddy began shouting back and forth and Artie got up and the studio erupted into thumps and screaming staff members. Robin began screaming, “You people are crazy! What the f’ is going on here?!” Howard said: “[Artie] needs to go home. He needs to calm down. Robin, you need to calm down [too]. Artie is clearly out of control.”

Artie came back in ranting about Teddy stealing his money, but Howard wanted him to calm down: “I didn’t know you had this violent anger toward him.” Artie claimed that Howard prodded and got what he wanted, so Howard said he didn’t want Artie to attack anyone: “I did not [bring it to that level]. If I don’t know anything about it and ask what’s going on between you guys, am I supposed to know that it will escalate to you attacking [Teddy]?”

Artie claimed he was an “out of control person” and couldn’t promise it wouldn’t happen again. Howard said Artie had to, so Artie tendered his resignation. Artie said, “I love you, Howard. I’m not a good person. I gotta leave.” Howard replied that he loved Artie as well: “But Teddy’s a kid. You’re his boss.” Howard wondered if Artie could just take it easy in the green room, but Robin disagreed, saying Artie needed to go home – so he did.

Howard requested that Teddy be brought back into the studio, but when Teddy arrived, he confessed that he didn’t really want to come in: “This sucks. I didn’t steal a penny. [Artie] doesn’t mean it.” Howard agreed: “I thought you guys were bros. I thought was sort of a playful thing you guys have.” Teddy replied that today was already a stressful day, as they had international travel plans later, but he hoped they’d “kiss and make up in Amsterdam.”