Jason’s Mom Proves His Point

May 1, 2008
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Jason’s mom, Shelly, called in to claim she didn’t treat Jason like a punching bag, but Howard doubted her: “Then stop [criticizing him]. You’re overbearing. You’ve got to let go.” Shelly said she was saddened by Jason’s appearance, leading Jason to complain that she brings it up all the time. Howard told Shelly: “There’s such a thing as crawling up your son’s ass and not letting him live his life. Do you think this makes you closer to him?” Howard went on to remark that “Mothers are weird. They think their job is to manage.” Shelly apologized for her abuse, but Fred thought her “I don’t see it that way” responses were dismissive of Jason’s feelings. Shelly said she was “an old Jewish mother” – but Howard cut her off and claimed her voice was turning him on. Howard then asked Shelly a bunch of sexual questions so Jason would be tortured later when he has to log every word their conversation.

Evil Mom 101: Acidic Instant Messages

Jason went back to his desk and grabbed some of the soul-crushingly evil instant messages that his mom has written him. The whole crew was blown away by how mean they were – Howard was so moved by them that he demanded Shelly never instant message Jason again. Shelly finally agreed, but Fred thought she would just find another conduit to send her evil missives. Artie laughed that she might try a singing telegram – and then sang a few samples.