Steve Guttenberg is Cagey

May 6, 2008
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Steve Guttenberg stopped by to discuss his run on “Dancing with the Stars,” but he wouldn’t dish any dirt on his fellow contestants. Steve’s nice guy act disputed rumors that Shannon Elizabeth was bitchy backstage and Mario was dating his dancing partner, Karina, and possibly one of the show’s back-up dancers, a Russian girl named “Snow.” All Steve would admit to was that he did “see a lot of people going in and out of [the on-set] trailers.”

Howard said he heard Steve was a “freak” in the bedroom, and Steve admitted it was true: “It’s genetic.” Steve went on to claim his penis was 10″ long when erect, “but not on cold mornings.” Howard speculated that Steve was trying to hit on Beth the other day, but Steve disputed the story: “That’s not the Guttenberg way.” Howard noted that porn star Brittaney Starr claims Steve once took her up to his hotel room and showed her his penis, and Steve relented: “I don’t remember Brittaney, but I do like to show it.”

Steve told the crew that his penis was the source of “a lot of confidence,” but he has to pull his pants down to power-up: “You can’t do that everywhere.” Howard asked if Steve had ever hurt a woman given his size, but Steve avoided the question. Howard also tried to get Steve to admit to banging some of his famous co-stars, but Steve refused to name names – though he did confess to getting his salad tossed by a former Miss California.