Brian Stann Kicked Iraq’s Ass

May 22, 2008

World Extreme Cagefighting’s Brian Stann came in to present Tiffany with the $5,000 prize, and Howard asked him about his two tours of Iraq. Brian said Artie and Gary shouldn’t be concerned about their safety over there during their USO tour, as they’ll be kept far from danger: “The casualty rate is so far down now.” Howard wondered how Brian was able to pleasure himself when he was over there, so Brian explained that he would make arrangements for private moments away from other marines: “That’s the key.”

Brian told Howard about earning the Silver Star in Iraq and once knocking a fellow cagefighter out inside of 16 seconds, so Howard said he felt emasculated by the presence of a real man: “You are so much more of a man than I am. I’m going to go put on a little sundress, heels and a bra.” Brian then congratulated Tiffany on her prize and positive attitude, and Tiffany announced that she’d use the money for driving school.