Riley Martin Threatens to Leave Again

July 15, 2008
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Riley Martin called in to say he planned to crash Howard’s wedding so he could trade squeezing-money-out-of-Howard tips with Beth. Robin noted that Riley had also threatened to leave the channel at the end of his current contract, but Riley’s explanation was the usual indecipherable idiom-jumble. Howard interrupted the crazy screed to say he supported Riley. An angry Riley shot back that Howard was a “Jew bastard.” Tim Sabean came in to tell Riley that he could leave his contract today. Riley resisted the deal, saying he didn’t want to end up in the poorhouse: “Look, kid. I wish you well. F’ you very much. I will find a way. You have nothing other than my love.” Howard asked Riley if he wished to be done with the channels as of today, but Riley said he wouldn’t leave unless he was paid the remaining balance of his contract. Artie joked that if Riley could come down to the studio today, he could pay him out, as he surely had enough cash on him to pay out the remaining balance.