He Won the Lottery, But Not a Girl

July 16, 2008
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

A lottery winner named Richie stopped by to talk about his win has changed his life, explaining that he recently won $5 million with a “Set For Live“ scratch–off ticket. Richie said he played the lottery everyday for quite a while, and he doesn’t plan on quitting his job the prize’s payout is $65,000 every three months until the day he dies.

Richie explained that 25 years in the workforce had broken him: “I always have to have a job no matter what.“ Howard asked Richie if he was using his new status to get laid, but he said it wasn’t helping: “I went to the beach yesterday and got a wrong number…I’ll give you my email, in case some girls wanna getta holda me.“ Artie offered to take Richie to Rick’s Cabaret for a girlfriend–search, but Richie demurred: “I’m looking for a knockaround girl…I prefer blondes.“ Artie deadpanned that Richie sounded like an unusual guy.