Jason Kaplan Took Out a High-Interest Loan for His Wedding

Howard advises his staffer on financial matters

July 22, 2008
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Will Murray reported that Jason took out a $15,000 loan to pay for his wedding at a high interest rate.

Howard thought the idea was idiotic, so Jason came in to say the money was just a supplementing the $15,000 that he got from his bride’s father – and another $15,000 from his mother. Jason said he wanted to take the money and buy a house with it but his mom and bride “laughed [me] out of the room.”

Howard told Jason to be a man and lay down the law. Howard explained how quickly interest piles up, adding, “The nonsense has got to stop. You getting married isn’t a big deal.”

Jason confessed that his wife doesn’t make very much money, so Howard began making cutback recommendations: “Fred, what is the amount of flowers needed at the wedding?”

Prompting Fred to play the “Zero point zero” clip from “Animal House.”

Jason finally gave in, promising to put his foot down: “Enough’s enough.”

Howard thought that Jason subconsciously wanted a big wedding, but Jason took issue: “You’re wrong about this. You think Sal wants to buy his wife a $5,000 bag?”

Howard shot back that the problem was the guys’ need to solidify their status in the relationship’s breadwinner.

Artie thought the fact that Jason threw a birthday party for his cat proved his girly need for gay parties, and Howard agreed. “[Jason’s] acting feminine. Being feminine is wanting the big wedding,” he said. “He is a little girl.”