Meet Sean the Stutterer

July 24, 2008

Howard welcomed a guy named Sean to the studio to talk about his stutter, which makes him sound as if he is singing. Sean explained that he has a particularly hard time with the word “sp-spiders” and sings difficult words to the tune of Howard’s old “WnnnnnNBC” call letters to power through them. Sean said the stutter gets worse when he’s nervous, but he’s managed to start and own his own business – and has never had a problem finding girls: he’s married.

Sean told Howard about his recent vasectomy, saying the weirdest part was when the doctor Nair-d his balls: “And then there was a lot snipping and cutting and moving the balls around.” Sean described the post-procedure pain as something like getting slapped in the balls, which made Howard wince. Artie then told a story about a pregnancy scare he had, noting that he actually wanted the girl to have the baby. Howard, of course, thought Artie was crazy.