K.C. is a Pro Downgrader

August 13, 2008
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard got K.C. Armstrong on the phone, but K.C. insisted on whispering because he was busy working as personal security for a pair of strippers: “Some of ’em are pretty hot, too.” K.C. said his gig as a security guard was actually pretty high-risk: some “gangbangers” pulled guns on him the other day after they discovered that the strippers weren’t “full service.” K.C. confessed that he also worked as security for some escorts – and even sampled their services himself – as he’s trying to get out of debt. Howard asked K.C. why he was arrested recently, so K.C. explained that it all began when his girlfriend accused him of throwing her to the floor. It was unclear how this was related to his arrest for “stealing” a rental car. K.C. said he was also working with a debt consolidation program to take care of his financial mistakes – like wasting $300,000 in online poker. Artie then promised to hook K.C. up with some comedy gigs in the near future.