The Gay Pop Quiz

August 19, 2008
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard asked George a series of questions on modern gay culture, and George faired pretty well: What is a friend of Dorothy? Correct – a straight person with many gay friends. What is a rice queen? Correct – non-Asian who likes Asian men. What is a size queen? Correct – a fan of large penises. What is a stromo? Wrong – a gay man who acts straight. What is a frat boy? Correct – someone who dresses very preppie. (or an older twink) What is a grower? Correct – a small flaccid penis that becomes much larger when erect. What is the highway to heaven? Wrong – the taint. What is a yestergay? Correct – someone who claims to have been gay and is now straight. What is a koala bear? Wrong – a guy with reddish-brown pubic hair.