Ernest Borgnine Spanks For Life

September 10, 2008

Ernest Borgnine called in to promote his new book, “Ernie: The Autobiography,” and Howard noted that Ernest – apart from starring in “McHale’s Navy” – was an actual war hero. Ernest said Howard was right: “I was in the Navy for ten years. I was what they call a ‘depression sailor.’ I joined the Navy to get off the streets.” Howard asked if Ernest had to give away half his fortune after each of his five divorces, and Ernest laughed: “Yeah, I think so!”

Howard told Ernest he was great for telling the “Fox & Friends” hosts that the secret to his longevity was masturbation, but Ernest shrugged off the compliment: “I say that all the time.” Artie joked, “If you told me when I woke up this morning that I’d hear something that’d make me like Ernest Borgnine more, I’d say you were a liar.” Howard then asked if Ernest had ever had a prostitute orgy, but Ernest didn’t seem to think they were necessary: “One was always enough.”