The People Meter Attacks

September 11, 2008

Howard started the show discussing the way radio ratings are determined, specifically the PPM “people meter,” a device that you wear that detects what you actually listen to. Howard asked Tim Sabean if he liked the PPM more than the old radio “diary” system, in which people wrote down what they purposefully listened to, so Tim speculated that the PPM could cause a rash of “up-selling,” where the jocks are always promoting what’s going to happen in the next 15 minutes.

Howard replied that he almost liked the PPM better, as it canceled out the people who refused to admit that they listened to his show in their “diaries.” Both men agreed on one thing: it’s damn nice to be out of terrestrial radio and not have to worry about this sort of thing anymore. Chris Booker called in to say the PPM is really only for the type of people who are willing to carry around a beeper-style device all day – certainly not hot chicks.