Beth Meets a Hilton

Perez and Beth talk gossip and business on the Stern Show.

September 16, 2008
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Before Perez left the studio Howard checked with Gary to see if Beth had arrived for her visit, explaining she visits several times a day. Gary said she was there and Beth came in, arguing that she only visits once a day. Beth explained she does love the site but has some problems with a few things, mainly with the way he treats the children of celebs, like Adam Sandler’s infant daughter and Rumer Willis. Perez replied that Bruce and Demi’s eldest daughter had earned her treatment on her own and explained the photo of Sandler’s daughter was something did in hopes of getting a response from Adam, hoping he might earn a spanking from Adam as a punishment. Perez asked Beth if he could have the exclusive on their wedding photos, but she declined. Perez thought it was a shame to waste the beautiful custom Marchesa wedding dress, suggesting that maybe Beth would release a wedding picture of just her in her dress, and Beth seemed to like that idea.