Houston Returns

September 18, 2008
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard welcomed former porn star (and former frequent Stern Show guest), Houston back to the show – for the first time in six years – to discuss recently being diagnosed with skin cancer. Houston said she’s paying the price for being a “huge sun-worshiper” and has been out of porn for over four years. She worked as a real estate agent for a while, but when her boss discovered her past, she was fired: “It was actually someone in corporate…then I lost my house and was diagnosed with cancer that same month.” Howard asked what it was like for Houston to raise her daughter in suburbia, and she admitted it was difficult to be incognito “with the lips and boobs and tattoos.” Artie wondered if Houston regretted her porn career now that her daughter has to live with it, and she admitted she did. A caller wondered how Houston tanned, so she explained that she “did it all…I felt prettier and better when I was tan…and now I’m paying the price.” Houston added she has a 60% chance of survival.