High Pitch Erik and His Neighbor

September 24, 2008
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

High Pitch Erik stopped by with Paulette, the neighbor who blew him for $40, to discuss the circumstances of their rendezvous. Paulette explained that she stayed home and slept a lot and was not into crack: “I drink beer.” Erik said Paulette actually blew him twice, and her technique was great: “She fondled it a little.” Howard asked if either was worried that the other had a disease, leading Paulette to betray a significant delusion: “Erik is clean.” Howard wondered if Paulette would ever consent to intercourse with Erik, and she resisted, not even for triple her usual fee. Paulette also told the crew that she doesn’t really wash after Erik comes on her face – she just rinses with water. Howard speculated that the pair might become a legit couple, but they denied it. To prove their claim, Erik offered Paulette’s services to Artie. Artie passed: “I’m flattered…what do I get for $10?”