Who Should Have a Real Doll Double?

September 24, 2008
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard recalled how he once banged a real doll: “If you put enough jelly in there…and slide back and forth, it can feel good. You feel like a real douchebag doing it.” Fred, who also did the doll, admitted that he also felt douche-y: “It was nothing like the real thing.” Howard laughed that the real doll manufacturer recently contacted the show, offering to mold the doll’s face to look like any celebrity. The crew spent some time discussing their choices: Lisa G (Benjy’s pet idea) and Ronnie the Limo Driver. Richard claimed he was really excited to f’ the Ronnie doll in the mouth: “I would violate it and slap it around and finish on its face. And I think Ronnie should have to watch.”

Lisa G came in to say the idea of the staff having sex with a real doll double of herself was “gross”: “I work with you guys! That’s disgusting.” Richard speculated that Lisa secretly liked the idea: “Lisa would love it if Howard banged the Lisa real doll.” Howard agreed: “I think Lisa is kind of complimented that she’s in the running.” Lisa insisted Howard was wrong: “It’s warped. It’s perverted!” Sal came in to say he couldn’t wait to pee all over the Lisa real doll: “I’ll put up cash…I don’t know why but I’d love to do it.” Gary said he would take the Lisa real doll and bend it over the in-studio couch, and Ronnie announced he couldn’t wait to “pound the shit” out of the Lisa real doll’s ass.