Look Who’s Talking…Fat Ass

October 23, 2008

Howard started off the show laughing about seeing Robin yesterday with “the guy who walks her.” Robin was offended by the characterization: “He doesn’t ‘walk me’! We were running. We walk to the park and then we run in the park. She added that the other day someone who saw her running said, ‘Nice, Robin. You’re looking really good – and your pace is faster than Howard’s!'” Howard complained about the people who yell at him when he’s running, citing another runner who recently passed him and yelled, “You better keep running or that new wife will leave you!”

Howard said the comment irked him and when the runner stopped to stretch and he caught up, she apologized: “And I don’t want to interact with this woman…she’s trying to ‘out-outrageous’ me…[and] for a chick who’s running so fast, how can her ass be so fat?”