Seth Rogen Is the New Sam Jackson

Seth Rogen called in to promote his new film, "Zack & Miri Make a Porno."

Howard quipped that he was in almost every Hollywood movie these days and Seth laughed: "I'm the new Samuel L. Jackson!"

Seth added that being open about his love of porn set a great precedent with his girlfriend, as she's become used to porn companies sending him free videos all the time: "It's not unusual to look at the coffee table and find a giant box of porno."

Howard told Seth that he had 20 DVDs in his porn vault, but Seth said he'd get bored with so few: "It's all about variety...I've got something like 5,000. I need a porn bunker." Seth also praised the Internet as a porn repository, remarking that the Internet's rise as the biggest porn distributor coincided perfectly with his adolescence.

Howard then asked Seth about the "Ghostbusters 3" rumors, and Seth said, "I'd definitely read a 'Ghostbusters 3' script ...but it seems hard to imagine that it would be better than [even] 'Ghostbusters 2.'"