Pastor Manning on Mack Daddy Obama

November 12, 2008

Pastor James David Manning called in to comment on his infamous “Obama is a long-legged mack daddy” sermon, saying he was glad the show enjoyed it. Howard asked how many people in his congregation were offended by it, so Pastor Manning said: “We have about a hundred [congregants]. A few white people. Fewer now…I’ve become more committed to speaking the truth I was speaking in that sermon…I’m against [Obama’s presidency] with a capital A…he genuinely is not someone who believes in the Judeo-Christian ethic.”

Pastor Manning went on to explain that he believed only “trashy” white women took up with black men in the days when Obama’s parents got together, so Howard argued that maybe Obama’s mom was an evolved woman who cared about race. Pastor Manning also told the crew that he first read the word of God when he was in jail for armed robbery: “At the time I was terribly misguided.” Howard asked if Pastor Manning ever robbed black people, but he denied it: “I made it a habit to never touch anything white when I stepped outside.”