K.C. Armstrong is Medicated, Patient

December 11, 2008
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

K.C. Armstrong called in to wish everyone a happy holiday and note that he was currently taking “8 or 9” pills every morning, including: Depakote (for seizures: “I got a head injury. I got hit in the head.”), Lexapro and Viagra. K.C. then revealed that he was still arranging college girl escorts for simple guys and working as a personal trainer. Artie told a story about planning to meet up with K.C. in LA. Artie hooked up with a girl and brought her back to his hotel room where they proceeded to do all kinds of things – including a bath. In the middle of this, K.C. and his girlfriend showed up at his hotel and kept calling him. After waiting two hours in the lobby, K.C. sent up a note that included a Viagra tab. Artie said they had already done it 3 times when the note arrived and the Viagra helped them keep going even longer.