Sal Sells Panties, Wraps Cologne

December 16, 2008
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Lisa G came in with the headlines, and Howard laughed that Lisa was now using the c-word. Lisa admitted the story was true: “Lisa [Lampanelli] told me to.” Robin thought the language was uncharacteristic: “That’s not you.” Lisa then reported that Sal the Stockbroker was thinking about selling his wife’s panties on the Internet. Sal came in to explain that some guy approached him and he’s thinking about buying a pair and just saying they were Christine’s. Sal said he almost strangled his wife last night after discovering that she’d bought his children (ages 7 and 9) a $32 bottle of cologne for Christmas.

Howard thought the gift was really intended for Christine’s emotional friend (there was only one bottle, but she said she had gotten cologne for both boys): “And you wrapped it for her!” Robin agreed. Sal was dismayed: “I can’t understand the concept of a 7-year-old wearing cologne!” Fred joked that Sal should check to make sure Christine’s not giving the kids condoms as well.