Darren Aronofsky Loves Dark Places

Darren Aronofsky called in to promote his latest film, "The Wrestler," and Howard told him it was one of the best films of the year. Darren thanked Howard and said he never knew he'd be a filmmaker: "I didn't touch a camera until I was in college." Howard wondered how Darren broke into Hollywood, so Darren explained that he managed to make his first feature, "Pi," for less than $60,000 - and it went on to make 8 figures worldwide. Howard asked Darren if he slept with Jennifer Connelly (the star of Darren's second film, "Requiem for a Dream"), but Darren refused to answer: "I can't cross that line...I wish I could tell you."

Artie referenced one of Jennifer's most infamous scenes in the film, and Darren explained that it took all night to shoot: "When we were done, my DP turned to me and said, 'That's the most f'ed up thing we've ever done.'" Adding that Jennifer almost backed out until Darren explained how the film had to go into "the darkest places" in order to be successful.

Robin admitted she wasn't a fan of Darren's third film, "The Fountain," and Darren replied that it was the work he's most proud of: "It's worth a second viewing, Robin." Howard then told the story behind Mickey Rourke's casting in "The Wrestler," and Darren said he could have had a $19 million budget with Nicholas Cage or a $6 million one with Mickey: "I was just very straight with [Mickey]. I said, 'I'm doing with this for you.'" Artie asked Darren if his ill-fated audition for a smaller role in "The Wrestler" was an elaborate joke to get back at him for mocking Darren at a party in LA back in the 90s. Darren said he didn't even recall the incident, much less ever arrange for a vengeful audition: "The issue was that you're too recognizable. You'd pop out of the crowd...that's why there's no other famous wrestlers in the movie." Artie laughed: "All my representatives will love you for that answer."

Howard wondered if Darren was still together with actress Rachel Weisz, and Darren said they were engaged - and that's probably as far as it'll go: "We have a child together so that's that...she won't have me." Howard thought Darren must've been joking, but Darren repeated that they'd probably never get married: "At some point we'll figure something out, but we like living in sin."