Eric the 'Sub-Midget'

Howard got Jimmy Kimmel and Eric the Midget on the line to discuss Eric's recent appearance on Jimmy's show. Howard played a clip of Jimmy acknowledging Eric in the audience, and Jimmy laughed that the audience was so weirded out by Eric, it took them 8 minutes to "recover" from his on-screen appearance and start laughing again. Jimmy said Eric's was a "sub-midget": "I'm seen midgets. He's smaller than a midget. He's a cantaloupe." Howard questioned Eric about the pictures that have surfaced of him kissing his "girlfriend," Kendra, and Eric claimed the shots were legit. Howard wondered if Eric spent any time with Kendra when her photographer wasn't around, but Eric was indifferent. Howard and Jimmy then speculated that Eric seemed so ready to "move on" from Kendra because now that he's met her, he knows that she's not really into him.