Tracy Morgan Loves Discharge

Tracy Morgan stopped by to promote his new film, "Superhero Movie," which also features Pam Anderson, and again told the crew how he loves to make his woman gag with the "bulbous" head of his penis; "She can take it, man. She's a woman." Artie then commented that Tracy could be Blackzilla. Interestingly, Tracy then began discussing how he recently reconnected with his mother after a long period of estrangement - but denied any correlation after Howard tried to connect the two subjects. Tracy said he'd "been buying pussy since high school" up in Harlem, where you could play with a beautiful woman's "doo-doo berry" for $50. Tracy added that he loves a woman's "discharge"; "That's that juicy-uicy. I'm a grown man!" Tracy also claimed he never used rubbers, was too "old-school" for the pull-out method, had a 9" penis, and was going to kick his kids out of the house should their penises get bigger than his; "Then they're not my kids anymore. They're a threat."

Howard asked Tracy who he was voting for, so Tracy said he couldn't wait for the president to be a real "Head N---a In Charge," adding that Obama would find all the terrorists in short order if you told him that bin Laden had insulted his mother. Tracy then revealed that he recently divorced his wife of 21 years. Now he's married to the road, but did recently find the time to bang an A-list actress; "I came on the small of her back...You live once, goddamn it." Tracy told the crew that he wanted to keep making babies until he's well into his eighties, but the woman has to be right. Tracy added that he wanted to have a girl, as he already has 3 boys, but lately he's been too busy spending all his money on shoes and CDs. Tracy said he had over 10,000 pairs of sneakers; "I'm pimping hard." Tracy then asked, "You know what I did during the [writer's guild] strike? F'!"