Dave Attell Doesn't Want to Talk About Sarah Silverman

Dave Attell stopped by to promote his hosting gig on the new “Gong Show” and told the crew that the show was the perfect rehab after his last show, “Insomniac,” which was very alcohol-centric: “I haven't had a drink in six months.” Howard noted that Sarah Silverman claims Dave wasn't a drunk when they dated, so Dave explained that he didn't have any money back then.

Dave also had a simple solution to Howard's Jimmy-or-Sarah wedding invite dilemma: “Two weddings. It works in every Ashton Kutcher movie.” Howard speculated that Jimmy got bored with Sarah sexually and asked Dave if he had a similar experience, but Dave said no: “She's a very alive person. Is that what you think happened?” Howard evaded the question: “Uh...I don't know.” Dave covered for him: “They're probably working a lot. He has his show and she has her show.” Howard wondered if Dave ever compared notes with Jimmy: “I didn't...Every time I come in you talk about Sarah. What do I have to do? [What] if I found Bin Laden on that trip [to Afghanistan with Artie]?”