Madonna's Brother (and Official Breast-Wiper)

Christopher Ciccone stopped by to promote his new book, "Life with My Sister Madonna," and Howard asked him if it was weird to have to wipe the sweat off his sister's sweaty breasts during concerts. Chris admitted it was a little strange: "We were dancers and I sort of got used to it...When I look back on it, it looks a little creepy." Howard wondered if Madonna tried to prevent the book from being published, and Chris admitted that she'd called and emailed, but he never answered, preferring not to give her any say in the matter what so ever. Robin asked when Chris had last spoken with Madonna, so he cited a conversation they had a couple weeks before the book was published. Chris then explained how he put the book together: he was offered $50,000 for an exclusive interview and discovered that he could get a lot more if he wrote a whole book. Howard asked Chris about the rumor that Madonna had actually penned the book, but Chris denied it: "If she did, she's doing the best acting job I've ever seen."

Chris claimed he left nothing out of the book - except for a few things that would offend his family. Howard wondered why the lawyers didn't let Chris include the story of Madonna's abortion, and while Chris confirmed rumor, he said "it wasn't important to the story." On Chris' way out, Howard asked him if he missed his sister, but Chris was evasive: "I miss working on the tour. I miss the cheer of the crowd when everything's perfect...I don't miss [Madonna's husband] Guy."