Eric the Midget Has a Bunny Ranch Photo Scandal

January 8, 2009
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Eric the Midget called in to complain about Howard distributing the nearly naked pictures of him and Air Force Amy at the Bunny Ranch on New Year’s Eve, but Howard shot back that he wasn’t distributing anything – he found them on the Bunny Ranch Website like everyone else.

Fred agreed, saying the pictures had been widely distributed in the public domain. Eric claimed he was in hot water with his family over the pictures: “They finally got to the point where they don’t mind me going up [to the Bunny Ranch] but now…” Artie suggested that Eric just try to live his life.

Air Force Amy called in from the Bunny Ranch to say she had tried to get a better picture of Eric’s penis, as she was surprised by its size. Howard asked what sex acts Amy committed with Eric, so Amy laughed that they 69’d, despite a little difficulty: “I kind of had to scrunch myself up.” The crew wondered if Amy scrubbed herself with a wire brush afterward, but Amy laughed that she actually didn’t shower at all: “I just left it on me so the next person had to deal with it.”

Artie was shocked: “That’s not an advertisement for the Bunny Ranch, honey.”