High Pitch Mike Bonds with George Takei

March 2, 2009
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard asked George if he knew that High Pitch Mike was gay, and George confessed: “I had my suspicions.” Mike then came in to say he’d been out for 2 months now and things were going well: “I have been going to a couple clubs with a friend.” Mike showed the crew a picture of his friend/crush, saying the guy was a “10 or 11.” Howard agreed: “He looks like a male model type.”

Asked what it would take to bed his model-esque crush, Mike said, “I think quite a few drinks and maybe some GHB.” Mike also recounted his coming out story for George – and said he’d tried to bring several staff members to gay clubs with him, including Jared Fox, but they’ve turned him down. Mike laughed that the spurned invitations were ok with him: “I’m afraid if I bring [Jared], he might turn on me.”