Russell Brand Loves the Tough Questions

March 10, 2009
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

British comedian, Russell Brand stopped by to promote his new book, “My Booky Wook,” and Howard asked him about abuse he supposedly suffered at the hands of family members. Russell jokingly denied it: “They were a very lovely bunch. Christmases were a bit hard, but molestation isn’t the word for it.” Howard kept pressing, so Russell confessed that he had a neighbor who touched him as part of some weird schoolwork-related reward system: “There would be occasional digital insertion. But that was only for the tough questions.”

Russell told the crew how he lost his virginity in Thailand when he was 16 – his father took him there on a sex tour in which they shared prostitutes: “I must some say, at some times, it was tricky…it was weird to hear [his] sex talk.” Russell said it was one of the experiences that led him to heroin: “It smashes you into nothingness…a brown blanket of nothingness.”

An Odd Hetero Test

Howard asked Russell about the time he jerked a dude off on TV, so Russell explained that he was just trying to find out if he was gay: “Because I was on drugs…it messed me up. I didn’t enjoy it. It was unpleasant…he was called Gary. I met him in a gay bar in Soho.” Russell laughed that Gary also tried to beat him off as well, but he couldn’t get hard.


Howard went through a list of Russell’s reported romantic conquests, and Russell commented briefly: Kate Moss (“There were liaisons…I only saw her a few times.”), Amy Winehouse (“No no. Amy’s a friend of mine.”) and Courtney Love (“She’s a friend.”).

Russell said he’d had many more hookers than celebrities: “I did sleep with a lot of prostitutes, yes…you can spend as little as 30 pounds, but then you’ll have an experience that reminds you you’re participating in the sex trade.” Russell added that he once even went to rehab for sex addiction: “It was getting silly.”