The Random Guy in Harlem Game

March 17, 2009
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard and the crew listened to clips of Sal asking a random Harlem resident some black history trivia questions and tried to predict if he would answer correctly. The guy’s answers were frequently incorrect.

Who was the first black appointed to the Supreme Court. “I think Colin Powell?” (Thurgood Marshall) Who holds the asterisk-free MLB homerun record? “Sammy Sosa?” (Hank Aaron) Who was the first black player to break the MLB color barrier? “Jackie Robinson.” Who invented 325 uses for the peanut? “Pass, man.” (George Washington Carver) Who was the jazz artist known as Satchmo? “It was Duke, nigga!” (Louis Armstrong) Who was first black man to win a major singles tennis championship? “Serena? She looks like a man anyway!” (Arthur Ashe) Which boxer is known to many as the Brown Farmer? “Mike Tyson.”