Dr. Drew Reveals Staff Narcissism Results

March 18, 2009
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Dr. Drew Pinsky and Dr. Mark Young came in to promote their new book, “The Mirror Effect: How Celebrity Narcissism is Seducing America.”

First though, Dr. Drew turned his attention to the rash on Artie’s arms and hands: “It almost looks like a bruise.” Robin noted that she had a crush on Drew, so Howard asked if he’d ever bang “a Robin.” Dr. Drew replied quickly: “Of course.” Drew then read over the results of a narcissism test, which he’d administered to the staff several years ago as part of his new book.

Robin is ‘Off the Charts’

Drew laughed that Robin scored off the charts on the test: “She is the winner.” Howard said the average score was a 15 and for a celebrity the average was 18 – Robin, however, came in at 34, which was the highest score of anyone…anywhere. Robin insisted Drew had fabricated the results, but Drew’s co-author, Dr. Mark Young, insisted the results were very real – he’s given the test to hundreds of people, and has yet to come across a higher score: “There are seven categories of narcissism, and she scored close to the maximum in every one…higher than 99% of the population.”

Robin joked that the doctors might want to study her, and Drew replied, “The answer’s yes. Of course.” Drew then said Howard had a very healthy score, a 15, and credited his thrice-weekly treatment for keeping him grounded. Howard repeated his idea that Robin should undergo treatment/psychotherapy, but Robin resisted: “I work on myself! Drew, I’m really sick of you at this point…I believe these are all made-up numbers.” Howard laughed: “Dr. Drew smiles when he looks at me and frowns when he looks at you.”

The Rest of the Scores

Howard asked Dr. Drew if Robin’s narcissism played a role in the three $800 bottles of wine she once ordered on his tab, and Drew confirmed it: “I think there’s some anger there.” Drew added that Gary scored a very normal 11, Sal 14, Fred 11, Benjy 26, Richard 24, Jon Hein 22 and Artie 17.

Howard then showed Drew footage of Artie falling asleep/”doing the dance” and asked his opinion. Drew said, “I see somebody who is not in a normal mental state.”