The Iron Sheik Stops By to Promote His Recent Roast DVD

Wrestler also talks comedy and some of his fellow wrestlers

April 30, 2009
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

The Iron Sheik stopped by to promote the DVD release of his recent roast and noticed that Artie was absent: “Tell that fat jabroni that I am here…I will make him humble. I will slap him like I did to Brian Blair.”

Confronted by an Artie soundboard (via phone), the Sheik continued to make threats: “I will f’ your ass with my ten inch cock and then you will know who is the man! My f’ing mustache could f’ your ass!”

The Shifty Manager

Howard also welcomed the Sheik’s manager and mocked his bomb-ridden set at the Sheik’s roast: “You’re not a good comic.” The manager replied that his problem was having to follow a pro comedian who had just killed. Howard laughed: “You really think that was the problem?” Howard asked the Sheik why he allowed his manager to take home 50% of his income, so the Sheik said: “Because something better than nothing!” The manager claimed part of his job was keeping the Sheik sober (“When I’m with him, he doesn’t do anything.”) and the 50% didn’t come out of the Sheik’s appearance guarantee – but a “booking fee” does.

Reflections on Kurt Angle

Later, at the mention of Kurt Angle, the Sheik exploded: “He’s a garbage…Kurt Angle is a gold-digger!”