Norm MacDonald Spits in the Studio

May 7, 2009
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Norm MacDonald stopped by to promote his four-night stand at Caroline’s comedy club and Howard asked him to spit out his gum. So Norm hocked a loogie on the floor, saying, “That’s not gum.” When Norm laughed and didn’t move when Howard demanded he clean it up, Artie cleaned it up for him.

Bob Uecker Gives Good Stories

Norm noted that he recently spoke with Bob Uecker—whom Artie told a story about during his last Letterman appearance—and the Milwaukee Brewers announcer was apparently not pleased. “‘What about that fucking Artie Klein? That f’er must be short on material,’” Norm recalled Bob saying. When Norm asked Bob about his recent double-knee replacement, the former “Mr. Belvedere” star responded with his usual sense of humor. “‘Fucking great, man. I can still give a blowjob,’” Norm recalled with a laugh.